Shiatsu massage deep tissue massage.

A few days ago I went to see a professional massage therapist, because I was interested in receiving the Shiatsu massage and deep tissue massage. From sports, so I wanted to see if it would help the Shiatsu massage or a deep massage is sometimes lower back pain.

At the first meeting I chose massage Shiatsu, which is more or less as acupressure massage, which involves the use of low pressure on certain acupuncture points or trigger points on the body. This type of massage can feel completely satisfied, because you feel no pain during the massage. Massage therapist has informed me that as most of the massage, you will need to have a regular meeting of the Shiatsu massage for the purpose of obtaining the benefits. The day after receiving this massage, and noticed no difference.

The next day, I went back for a deep massage, which is recommended for pain of the body of the sport, or if you have a generally tight muscles taut. During this massage absolutely felt pain on the shoulders, back and legs. Whereas, that was a little lower back pain before the massage, this type of massage was in fact the release of flesh in the lower back and in the back could feel the increase in blood circulation. Deep massage exercises feel, even when i was lying on his stomach with a therapist to do all the work.

The next day, my body felt a little pain in the areas where I am not in pain at first, but the lower back, in fact, he felt better. For me, it seems like a really deep massage helps to reduce the pain of sports.

How to select a right back for you?

shiatsu massager

Shiatsu massage machine on

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