Maybe on the face – with ultrasonic exfoliation

There is some confusion about the galvanic or face massage machine on an ultrasound.

Yes, it’s called a massage machine, on his face, a lot of people would think this machine will “face massage” as a vibration massage machine.

Well, face massage, but not as a vibrating massage machine on.

Instead, it uses ultrasonic waves andgalvanic ion skin cells to treat. The ultrasonic wavesto penetrate deep into the skin to remove dead skin cells and waste.

The ultrasonic waves are invisible to human eyes. You don’t feel it, but it works.  Ultrasound machine is exfoliating the skin.

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells. This reduces the amount of accumulation of dead cells on the skin. Instead, call this as a face massage machine on, should the machine exfoliation.

facial massager

For more information:   Beauty Face Singapore


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